Single Process without Haircut


    Single Process with Haircut


    Full highlight without Haircut


    Full Highlight with Haircut


    Color/Accent highlights without Haircut


    Color/Accent highlights with Haircut


    Color/Full highlights without Haircut


    Color/Full highlights with Haircut




    Ombre/Color Blocking


    Men’s Camo Coloring with Haircut


    Glaze Add on


    Glaze as semi-permanent color – see single process pricing

    Color/Accent foil without Haircut




    Includes, scalp massage, wash and blowdry.



    Includes scalp massage, wash and blowdry.

    High School Girls


    Includes scalp massage, wash and blowdry.



    Includes scalp massage, wash and blowdry.



    Includes scalp massage, wash and blowdry.

    Children (under age 8)


    Includes scalp massage, wash and blowdry.

    *Children 5 and under does not include shampoo and blowdry.

    Bang Trim


    Specialized curl cut


    *Please note*

    “all cuts include a shampoo and blowdry. We believe drying and styling the hair gives us the opportunity to fine tune your haircut. We do not discount haircuts when a client opts out of a blowdry service.

    Natural Keratin Smooth Treatment

    Repairs damage
    blocks humidity to prevent frizz,
    reduces curl pattern up to 3 times
    cuts daily styling time
    results can last up to 5 months if properly maintained
    Hair cannot be washed for 3 days
    Includes a complimentary haircut

    Express Blowout

    one hour service to reduce frizz and curl
    smooth, silky results
    hair can be washed 8 hours after
    Results typically last 6-7 weeks if properly maintained

    Makeup Design


    Full makeup application. False eyelashes optional.

    Eye Makeup Only


    false eyelashes optional.

    Makeup Lesson


    Makeup artist spends one hour with you explaining the step-by-step process to achieve the desired look. Hands-on lesson.

    Shampoo and Blow Dry


    Includes scalp massage, shampoo and style.

    Formal Event Style


    Includes scalp massage, shampoo and style with a curling iron or flat iron. Stylist may recommend client not get their hair washed to achieve desired look.

    Formal Up-do


    Includes curls, flat iron, and hair pulled up or fully up.

    1 area


    2 areas


    3 areas


    *Please Note: Color Service prices will differ between clients depending on the amount of product needed to achieve desired look.

    **The pricing levels established are based upon each stylist’s time spent employed at Belle Vie Salon.  There may be an additional charge for long/or thick hair, multiple colors and/or treatments. All Prices are subject to change.

    ***Prices vary by stylist.